A Letter about the COVID 19 (Corona)Virus

At Basic Jane we have been following the COVID 19 progression and the impact this disease has on the  availability of sanitation supplies.  We know many areas are completely sold out of hand sanitizer.  Knowing our Basic Jane Pain Sprays meet the FDA guidelines for hand sanitizers because of their alcohol content, we have considered ways we could meet this growing community need.
We have debated removing the CBD, essential oils and other costly ingredients to produce standard low-cost hand sanitizer products.  However, this solution would require new packaging which could take months due to limits in the world’s bottle manufacturing capabilities.  

Since we can't reformulate quickly, but want to address the growing sanitizer shortage, we have decided to decrease our pain spray cost from $25 to $7.99 until supplies run out or standard hand sanitizer becomes more available. 
We know hand sanitation is a critical component in preventing the spread of  COVID 19.  We are hopeful supplies of hand sanitizer will be broadly available in the near future and we can return to being simply a topical CBD company.  If you have questions on how best to protect you and your family please refer to the CDC webpage for the most accurate information on steps you can be taking.  


Kersten Gaba & Jessica Tonani

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