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  • 4 Hemp-Derived CBD Products to Ease Pain

    4 Hemp-Derived CBD Products to Ease Pain

    It’s hard to imagine just how much physical pain Americans experience. More than 100 million adults in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain, according to the The National Academies of Sciences,...

  • Understanding How CBD Can Calm Your Anxiety

    Understanding How CBD Can Calm Your Anxiety

    It’s a pretty anxiety-producing world out there, and anxiety disorders are becoming increasingly common. Whether it’s chronic anxiety, social anxiety, PTSD or just stress from daily life, many are searching...

  • Best Gifts For Her

    Best Gifts For Her

    Choosing gifts for someone, especially considering their personal preferences, can be a thoughtful and enjoyable process. If you're considering gifts for her here are some ideas that might appeal to...

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CBD Mints
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Basic Jane Cream 2 Ounce Relieve  CreamRelieve Cream: CBD Creams with Hemp Extract
Relieve Cream
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How do you use a CBD patch? Stick it where it hurts. Who makes CBD patches? Good patch, CBD Living, Mary's Medicinal, Purekana, Basic Jane   How long does a CBD patch last? Most people wear them for 12 hours.
Topical CBD Patches
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DescriptionThe perfect dose of CBD in a peppermint mint.  Designed to help you enjoy life.* Micro-dosed with 5 mg of... Relieve cream is an indulgent cream with hemp-derived CBD, peppermint and menthol.   What it does? Relieve cream is nourishing... Just peel and stick. The patch will last for  8-12 hours.  Available for purchase in a pouch with 6 patches. ...