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    The perfect CBD patch for relief from aches and pains.  Stick transdermal CBD patch on skin.  Peel patch off when done.
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All CBD Products are THC Free.

Regular price $16 +
Relieve cream is an indulgent cream that provides rapid pain relief with hemp-derived CBD, peppermint and menthol.     
Regular price $24.99
The perfect dose of CBD in a peppermint mint. Designed to help you enjoy life. Micro-dosed with 5 mg of CBD per mint. Each jar contains 60 mints total. Our mints are THC free.
Regular price $16 +
Relieve gel is an aloe-based gel that provides cooling relief with hemp-derived CBD, peppermint, arnica and cooling menthol.
Regular price $15
Relieve spray is a powerful pain spray with a mint scent. Designed as a pain relief spray, this product meets the FDA guidelines for hand sanitizer. This dual action spray can be used to relieve pain or as a hand sanitizer in a pinch.
Regular price $15
Awake Pain Spray is a powerful pain spray with a refreshing citrus scent. Simply spray Awake Pain Spray on areas of pain get localized relief.
Regular price $15
Relax pain spray is a powerful pain relief spray with a calming scent. Simply spray on area of pain for relief.
Regular price $36
Basic Jane's Topical CBD Patch is the perfect patch to wear everyday.  Just peel and stick. The 20 mg of Premium Hemp Extract in this patch is slowly released over 8-12 hours.  
Regular price $60 +
Enjoy both Relieve gel and Relieve cream.  Both contain our signature blend of peppermint, menthol and CBD-derived hemp.
Regular price $45
Give the gift of all three pain sprays.  Basic Jane's pain relief sprays are the perfect gift.  They are easy to apply and penetrate quickly to relieve aches an pains.  The combo spray set allows you to enjoy one of each of our sprays.  
Regular price $25
A relaxing aromatherapy oil that contains our signature blend of lavender, clary sage, ylang ylang and hemp-derived CBD to relax and revitalize. The perfect oil to use at night or when you need to destress. 
Regular price $25
Aromatherapy at its best.  Awake oil contains a citrus-rich signature blend of pink grapefruit, bergamot, ginger, orange, lime, cardamom and hemp-derived CBD.  The perfect essential oil roller to use when you need a little refresh or to combat aches throughout the day.  
Regular price $25
A soothing oil that contains our signature blend of peppermint, wintergreen and hemp-derived CBD. The cooling relief is perfect to use for headaches, joint pain, or sore necks.  


"Basic Jane provides the relief I need so I can get back to my exercise routine again."

“Basic Jane is the difference between not playing in my tennis match and actually almost winning it.”

"Using Basic Jane lavender roll-on has allowed me to have a higher quality of sleep..."

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