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The Top 10 Ways People Use CBD & Other Common Questions

The Top 10 Ways People Use CBD & Other Common Questions

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CBD products have become increasingly popular over the past few years resulting in many types of product and expanded uses. It can be confusing when trying to decipher which products to use and when. This summary explains the different products and how "real" people are using them.

Man standing in front of Egyptian pyramid wearing a Basic Jane CBD brand back pack and hat.

CBD Product Types

People use a variety of CBD products. Some of the most popular ones are topical, oral and transdermal CBD products. Other formats exist including drinks, bath products, suppositories, and inhaled products.

According to a recent survey, the most popular form of CBD that people are using is capsules /tablets. Here are the top 10: 

  • 18% are interested in capsules/tablets
  • 18% are interested in topical sprays
  • 17% are interested in CBD-infused food, such as chocolate
  • 13% are interested in vaping products
  • 12% are interested in soap
  • 11% are interested in non-alcoholic, CBD-infused drinks
  • 9% are interested in CBD bath bombs and salts
  • 8% are interested in skincare products
  • 8% are interested in patches
  • 1% are interested in other CBD products 

What is the difference between topical, oral and transdermal CBD products?

Topical Products: Topical products are great for localized relief.Topical products only work where they are applied. They do not work systemically. Massage cream, gels, sprays, or oils where you want them to work and find relief.They are popular with all age groups.

Oral Products: Ingested CBD will work systemically. CBD ingested will move throughout the body. Oral CBD products have become popular. Some people use oral CBD products to take the edge off life or to find relief more systemically versus a localized topical product.

Transdermal Patches: Transdermal patches contain ingredients that enable them to work systemically even though applied topically.Ingredient such as COQ10 allow compounds in patches to be absorbed through the skin and directly into your bloodstream.

What time of the day should I use CBD?

People use CBD at all times of the day. A recent survey looked at the most popular times and found the majority of people use CBD multiple times a day or as needed.

When do people use CBD Chart

What should I use CBD for?

The decision to use CBD is an individual choice and people use it for a variety of reasons.  One recent survey found the top reasons people used CBD were for anxiety, stress, pain relief, to improve sleep and for general wellbeing.

What do people use CBD for chart


Will CBD help me sleep?

One of the top reasons people report trying CBD is to improve their sleep.  A recent report asked 522 people if CBD helped them sleep.  The majority of users reported a perception of better sleep.

How does CBD affect sleep chart


What products are Basic Jane's customers using and how are the using them?

Basic Jane products were created to meet the different demands of our clients. For someone who has regular aches and pains the creams are easy to apply before or after any activity.

Basic Jane CBD Relieve Cream for Pain

For strenuous activities such as tennis, basketball and running  our customers use CBD gels and/or sprays. The gel stays on the skin better when sweating. The spray is easy to use, can reach hard to reach places and is quickly be applied.

Basic Jane Relieve Spray for Pain

For those who have difficulty sleeping the CBD mints, which are tablets are an excellent choice.

Basic Jane Oral CBD Mints in a Pouch

Whatever your aches and pains may be, Basic Jane offers many solutions. To learn more about CBD check out our other blog posts