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8 Tips to Achieve Your Health and Fitness Goals

8 Tips to help achieve your fitness goals, the best CBD Sprays, the best CBD relieve Cream, Basic Jane CBD products

Michelle Pfeifer |

8 Tips to Achieve Fitness Goals, CBD Relax Spray, CBD Awake Spray, CBD Relieve Spray, the best CBD Relieve Cream

Starting the new year with a health and fitness goal is an excellent way to make the most of your year. With proper diet and a strong body you will not only look better but other benefits include increased energy, and strength. But it can be difficult to stay motivated when your goals are more ambitious than you can handle.


Here are 8 tips we compiled from around the web that will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

1. Set Realistic Goals – When it comes to health and fitness goals, be realistic. Don’t set the bar too high or you may become discouraged when you don’t meet it.

2. Focus on Consistency – Be consistent with your workout. Try to exercise every day for at least 30 minutes so that your progress is measurable and attainable. As you get in the habit of exercising daily it will be easier to add additional time and/or new activities.

3. Find a Workout Partner – Having someone else join you in working out can help keep you motivated and accountable for reaching your goals. A workout partner can also provide moral support during challenging times when you feel like giving up. On the days you don’t want to knowing that someone is counting on you will motivate you to workout anyway.

4. Keep Track of Your Progress – Keeping track of your progress can help motivate you to continue reaching your goals as well as give a sense of accomplishment when you note improvements over time. Whether it’s tracking calorie intake or simply marking off days that you worked out, writing down what you have accomplished will give visual proof of what has been achieved thus far and inspire further progressions towards success!

5. Take Breaks & Celebrate Small Victories – Taking breaks is important for both mental health and physical recovery after tough workouts. Additionally, don't forget to celebrate small victories as they are just as important as big ones! For instance, if one mile was never something achievable before but now it is—celebrate it! This will provide extra motivation to reach further milestones down the line since each accomplishment builds upon itself!

6. Reward Yourself - Rewarding yourself after hard work provides incentive for future accomplishments while allowing a break from the grind that comes with exercising regularly over a period of time! Whether it's treating yourself with a massage or taking a day off from working out—give yourself permission to enjoy these rewards once in a while!

7. Sore Muscles - When starting a new fitness routine it is inevitable that muscles will get tired and sore. There are various ways you can manage sore muscles including stretching, icing, using the sauna, resting, proper hydration, and products. CBD oils, creams and sprays are gaining in popularity as they offer plant based solutions for providing relief. CBD products can be used before, during and after work outs. To learn more about how to use CBD product check out our blog post "How to Use CBD."

Many of our fitness customers like using our sprays as they are easy to apply while you are active. 

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8. Have Fun - Exercise does not need to be viewed as “work” all the time; find activities that interest you and make them fun! If walking isn't enjoyable then try biking instead - having fun while exercising will keep your commitment strong throughout the process which leads to long-term success rather than short-term motivation due to boredom or lack thereof enjoyment!

Sticking with your health and fitness goals for 2023 doesn't have to be hard work; just remember these tips: set realistic goals; focus on consistency; find a workout partner; keep track of progress; take breaks & celebrate small victories; reward yourself; and have fun while doing it all!