Pro Tips: Sports Training & Sore Muscles

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Training and being an athlete means first hand knowledge of what sore muscles feel like.

Waking up after a tough workout and getting ready to workout again will be a lot easier with these pro sports tips.

    • Hydrate. Properly hydrate before, during and after practice.


    • Nutrition. Replenish lost potassium and sodium by drinking electrolytes or eating foods like bananas, raisins and celery. 


    • Warm ups. Ease into practice by doing a few warms ups such as brisk walking or jumping jacks.


    • Cool downs. Slow down your practice by transitioning to slow jogging and walking.


    • Stretching.


    • Foam rolling.


    • Ice baths or ice packs. Icing for 15 minutes will reduce inflammation and speed recovery.


  • CBD. Apply CBD creams, gels, sprays or oils before during and after you train for pain relief.



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    • Rest. Recovery days doesn't mean you don't exercise. On your day off go for a brisk walk or some other light exercise that isn't part of your regular training day.


  • Sleep. Get lots of sleep each night. 

Whatever your fitness routine may be there are many CBD products to choose from to help relieve aches and pains. You can learn more about which products are right for you in our post "How to Use CBD".