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4 Ways to use Basic Jane to Reduce Stress

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Michelle Pfeifer |

Stress is a natural part of our every day lives. But there are times when stress levels are so high the negative impact on daily life requires intervention. Managing stress with CBD has recently gained traction. Studies show CBD can relieve pain, improve relaxation, reduce stress and help you sleep. Stress can be caused by many factors including relationships, finances, work, volatility and pain. By reducing pain you can reduce stress.

Basic Jane Relax Oil CBD product in the back pocket of a woman's jeans.

4 Ways to Use Basic Jane to Reduce Stress

Basic Jane Patch

For relieving pain for up to 12-hours Basic Patch is an excellent option. Simply peel and stick to an area on your body that is experiencing pain. You can also apply to area that has thin skin and lots of veins for transdermal absorption throughout the body.

Applying a patch first thing in the morning and right before bed will relieve pain throughout the day and help you sleep the entire night.



Basic Jane Mints

To manage chronic stress add Basic Jane mints to your morning routine. Edibles may take longer to work but will keep work for longer periods of time. Simply take 1-4 mints in the morning. To help manage sleep take them again before bed.



Relax Pain Spray

Our relax spray is made with soothing lavender, clary-sage for balance and menthol for reducing pain. People use lavender for improving emotional health, to help them sleep and to reduce pain.

To use simply spray Relax on any area of body experiencing pain. The spray provides relief for up to 4 hours. Many fitness enthusiasts will use relax spray prior to and during activities such as running, tennis, golf and exercise. It is very convenient and easy to apply to those hard to reach areas such as your shoulders and back.

Relax spray can be paired with other products such as Basic Jane Mints or our Relax Oil. Take a couple of mints in the morning and use the spray throughout the day. The Relax Oil is a nice indulgent add on. Try it on your temples, cuticles and wrists. This essential oil has an aromatherapy effect as well as pain relief and moisturizer.


Relieve Cream

Last but definitely not least, our number one selling Relieve Cream. Relieve is an indulgent cream that provides rapid pain relief with hemp-derived CBD, peppermint and menthol. Our cream penetrates your skin quickly providing fast relief. By reducing pain, you can reduce stress.

To use simply rub relieve cream to areas of your body that are experiencing pain. Reapply every 4 hours or as needed. Combine it with Basic Jane Mints to maximize the benefits of both a topical and edible.


Whether you are experiencing stress in your life, have difficulty sleeping, or have sore muscles from your last workout there are many CBD products to choose from. Check out our blog post "The Top 10 Ways People Use CBD" to learn more.