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Basic Jane Cream 2 Ounce Relieve  CreamRelieve Cream: CBD Creams with Hemp Extract
Relieve Cream
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How do you use a CBD patch? Stick it where it hurts. Who makes CBD patches? Good patch, CBD Living, Mary's Medicinal, Purekana, Basic Jane   How long does a CBD patch last? Most people wear them for 12 hours.
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DescriptionThe perfect dose of CBD in a peppermint mint.  Designed to help you enjoy life.* Micro-dosed with 5 mg of... Relieve cream is an indulgent cream with hemp-derived CBD, peppermint and menthol.   What it does? Relieve cream is nourishing... Just peel and stick. The patch will last for  8-12 hours.  Available for purchase in a pouch with 6 patches. ...